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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Course Update 5.7.19

All in a MONDAY's work.....

Mondays are one of our busiest and most critical maintenance days days for completing maintenance work on the course. Yesterday was our first "closed" day in about three weeks, and with more rain in the forecast - we needed to make the most out of this opportunity and accomplish as much as possible. The crew did a great job completing the items below and more:

Anthony Howse treats the practice putting green on Monday with preventative herbicide. Marking flags were used in order to prevent "burning" and ensure the application was as accurate as possible. 

All greens were lightly top-dressed and aerated. 
Root pruning was completed yesterday on the practice green and holes 10-13. All ares are now complete. 
Practice tees, par 3s, and landing areas were top-dressed and seeded. . 

Additional items completed yesterday included:
  • Mow all tees and fairways
  • Mow all front nine roughs
  • Adjust sprinkler heads on practice greens
  • Mow clubhouse lawns and pool area
  • Flower bed work
A few items we will be working for the remainder of this week include:
Watering in ferilizer/herbicide this morning near #3 green. 
  • Fertilizer and preventative herbicide applications around greens (completed today)
  • Complete as much routine mowing as possible (tees, fairways, roughs) before additional rainfall 
  • Prepare equipment for next Monday's "Planet Air" procedure on greens
  • Tree trimming and inventory 
  • Additional flower bed plantings
  • Several irrigation repairs and upgrades
  • Finalize renovation plans for #1 green
  • Continue organizing shop and preparing for possible flooding
  • Edging of curbs and routine string trimming throughout the course
We will be closed again next Monday and plan to complete the following items:
  • Full "Planet Air" aeration on all greens (topdress, aerate, planet air, vertical mow, brush)
  • Mow and edge all bunkers
  • Fertilize greens
  • Spray tees and fairways (Monday through Wednesday)
  • Possible prep areas for sodding

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Course Update 4.30.19

TGA Super Senior Amateur 4.25.19

2019 Champion Ed Brooks poses for a picture with the tournament staffs from TGA and RCC. 
Although rain shortened the event to 36 holes - 
 Bob Ammon hits his tee shot on #11 on Day 1. 
the tournament last week was a success. Congratulations to Ed Brooks of Fort Worth (Super Senior Champion) and Richard Lundy of Amarillo (Legends Division Champion). Bob Ammon led our RCC contingent finishing tied for 6th with two day total of 147. I would like to thank all of the participants, the membership of RCC, the TGA, our entire RCC team for making this a successful event in spite of the inclement weather. We look forward to hosting the Texas Senior Amateur Championship next fall. 
Repairing bunkers on #9 on Day 3
Anthony and Drew changing cup on #5. 
#10 during a rain soaked Day 2. 
Course Conditions and Happenings
#1 Green on 4.30.19. Lake Waco is getting close, but slowing dropping in elevation.
Last week was exceptionally busy with the TGA tournament, weather events, and other work. With more rain in the forecast - our goal this week has been to get as much done as possible before the weather slows us down. We are also hoping that the level of Lake Waco drops enough to handle additional rainfall. So far our #1 Green which opened for play last Monday has remained playable.
Check out a few of the items we are working on below.

Root Pruning and Tree Work: Yesterday we contracted with GLK Turf Solutions to complete root pruning around several tees, fairways, and greens. This machine leaves two slits in the ground and helps reduce the negative impact of surface feeding tree roots in these areas. This process does not harm the trees and will help improve turf density and playing conditions.
Rick with GLK pruning near #9 Tee
Root pruning near #5 Green. 
The crew has remained busy completing routing and weather related tree work. Yesterday, Jose Nava and Sergio Zapata removed a large storm damaged cedar elm left of #10 green and a Bradford pear tree that was struck by lighting near 14 green.
Jose Nava inspects lightning damage on a Bradford pear tree on #14. This tree was removed yesterday.
This large cedar elm was badly damaged by high winds and presented saftey issues for golfers. 

Landscape Improvements: During the TGA event our crew spent time continuing the overhaul of our landscape beds. The crew led by Landscape Superintendent, Derek Curtis has made a ton of progress over the last few weeks. 

Derek, JJ, and Jose replant beds near the Cabana and Fire Pit. 
Jacob and Jaime add irrigation to a new landscape bed at the tennis courts. 
Additional Items:

  • New connections for marina water supply completed last Monday
  • All fairways and most roughs mowed yesterday and today
  • Greens and practice tees sprayed yesterday
  • Perimeter fence repairs
  • Planet Air on greens scheduled for next Monday

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Course Update 4.18.19

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Storm Cleanup (Again)
Last night's storms damaged trees throughout the course. Photo by Duane Kemp
Just as we finished cleaning up from last weekend's storms - another round of rain and wind came through last night. The storm brought .75" of rain and and damaged dozens of trees. The crew has been busy all morning cleaning up tree limbs, debris, and repairing bunkers. We will be cart path only for the remainder of the day. All bunkers will be repaired by this afternoon. Tree work and debris cleanup will continue today and tomorrow. Additionally, we will be creating two dump sites for all debris (right of #1 fairway and at the North end of the marina - right of 18 tee). For more photos of the damage please click here: April 18th Storm Damage Photos.

#1 Green to Open Monday

After more than four months, we are excited to announce that #1 green will re-open for play on Monday, April 22nd. While this green will not play quite the same as the rest - it is now healthy enough to handle traffic. The crew has done a great job establishing the green from seed during less than ideal growing conditions. Now that spring is here - the green will continue to improve everyday. Please follow this link to learn more about #1 green and our upcoming renovation plans: #1 Green Updates and Plans

TGA Super Senior Tournament
Photo courtesy of TGA. 
We are excited to host the 5th Annual Texas Golf Association's Super Senior Amateur Tournament. The crew has been busy preparing the course for the best senior amateur players from across the state. Practice rounds begin on Monday, April 22nd and competition will take place Tuesday through Thursday. Come out and support the three RCC members competing in the event: Dr. Mark Story, Dr. Mace Brindley, and Mr. Bob Ammon. For more information including tee times and pairings please click here:  TGA Super Senior Amateur.

Landscape Improvements

Landscape Supt. Derek Curtis adding flowers at the main entrance. 
Early this year we hired Derek Curtis as our new Landscape Superintendent. Derek has already made an impact improving our ornamental beds throughout the club. He and Duane did a great job coordinating our spring annual color change out which was completed last week. He is now in the process of completely reworking dozens of landscape beds throughout the club per plans provided by Landscape Architect, Robert Kruezburg. We are excited to have Derek as part of our team, and look forward to completing much needed landscape improvements throughout the club. 

Additional Course Happenings

Easter Egg Hunt: This Saturday the annual egg hunt at RCC will take place between the tennis courts and #6 green. Assistant Superintendent, Duane Kemp has done a great job preparing this area for the big day including: mowing, ant bait applications, roping off egg hunt areas, and more. 

Mowing Patterns: Each year mowing patterns must be adjusted. Last week, we started marking new collar and approach patterns using blue paint. We will continue this process over the next couple of week including tee alignment and fairways. 

Spring Fertility and Weed Control: All tees, fairways, and roughs were fertilized last week. Spray Technician, Anthony Howse has been busy completing post and preventative herbicide applications to tees, fairways, roughs, and clubhouse grounds. 

Additional Items:
  • Edging of all cart paths (completed this week)
  • Aeration on tees, collars, approaches and high traffic areas (in-progress)
  • Re-seed driving range tee (Tuesday of next week)
  • Spray applications to greens, tees, and fairways (next two to three weeks)
  • Leak repair at Marina (next week)
  • Artificial turf and misters for playground (next three to four weeks)
  • Multiple irrigation and drain line repairs (in progress)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Course Update 4.14.19

Weekend Storms
We received just over 2" of rain and a small amount of hail Saturday morning/afternoon. Overall the course fared well, but the heavy rain and high winds left the course a mess. The crew worked hard yesterday repairing the greenside bunkers, picking up tree limbs, and removing leaves and other debris from tees, fairways, and greens. Cleanup efforts will continue this week. 
All greenside bunkers required extensive work on Sunday morning. 

We lost a Bradford pear on hole 15 as a result of high winds. 

Most fairways were covered with leaves and other debris. 18 fairway (above) was especially bad. 
Upcoming Course Work Week of 4.15.19
  • Mow and edge bunker faces
  • Apply ant bait to tees, fairways, and primary roughs
  • Landscape improvements
  • Preventative herbicide applications to putting green and chipping green
  • Mow tees, fairways, and roughs two to three times
  • Continue adjusting mowing patterns for approaches and tees
  • Tee box alignment
  • Debris cleanup from storms
  • Add irrigation near tennis courts
  • Water line leak at marina
  • Fertilize, mow, topdress, and roll #1 green
  • Aerate traffic areas in roughs
  • Tree inventory and planning

Monday, July 23, 2018

Update July 22nd 2018

Stay Tuned....New posts are in the works. After a long delay updated info is on the way and will be published by August 2018. Thanks for visiting and please return soon.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Course Evaluation Now Available

Course Evaluation Now Available

Please take the time to review the Course Evaluation prepared by the golf course architecture firm -Tripp Davis and Associates (TDA). This evaluation will be used to help develop short and long term improvements through the creation of a Master Plan for our golf course.

One critical component in this process is gathering member input and suggestions. We want to know what you currently like about the course, what you don’t like, and what improvements you think can be made - both now and in the future.

Access to the evaluation can be found by following the links in the right sidebar. Hard copies of the evaluation can also be obtained from the Golf Shop or in the 19th Hole. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Course Update 9.15.17

Fall is finally here and our golf maintenance operations are in full swing. Our greens are steadily recovering from another long summer, several projects are currently underway, and we are working to implement important fall maintenance practices throughout the course. Please continue reading and check out the links in the side tabs to learn more. 
Fall is one of the best times of year to play golf in Central Texas. As cooler temperatures return, playing conditions on greens will improve. 
Course Conditions
Greens - Overall our greens are going great and we expect continued improvement over the next few weeks. Weak areas on the edges of the practice green, 9th green, and 16th green have been repaired and our first "planet air" greens aeration for the fall season was completed this past Monday. We expect full recovery by the end of this week and look forward to steadily transitioning our maintenance practices on greens from recovery to performance.
Our "planet air" aeration process involves several important steps - one of which is the use of our Coremaster aerator.   
Properly repairing damaged areas on greens is a is a difficult task that requires experience, patience, and unique skills. With a combined tenure of 55 years Jose Nava (right) and Sergio Zapata (left) have perfected the art of greens repair.  
Asst. Supt. Randy Stewart spraying #1 green in late August. Weekly spray applications to greens provide fertility, regulate growth, and help prevent disease outbreaks. 

Tees, Fairways, Roughs -  It has been a few weeks since our last significant rain event, and the course is showing signs of drought stress for the first time all year. Fortunately our irrigation water budget is in good shape - allowing us to irrigate all areas of the course as needed. During extended dry periods inconsistencies in the irrigation system are much more obvious. In order to minimize the affect of wet and dry areas on playing conditions, we are constantly making adjustments and repairs to the system.
Andrew Moore checking and adjusting irrigation heads on the 6th Fairway. 
All of our bermudagrass areas are still actively growing, but the combination of shorter days, cooler temperatures, and dry conditions have resulted in a slight reduction in growth rate. One benefit of this scenario is that we are able to do a better job of keeping up with mowing our large roughs areas - resulting in better playing conditions. Over the next few weeks we will be working to prepare all of these areas for fall and winter by adjusting mowing heights, fine tuning mowing patterns, applying preventative herbicides, sodding weak areas, completing fall fertilizer applications, and more.

Mowing patterns must constantly be adjusted - particular with square tees. We are currently working to realign multiple tees and adjust mowing patterns in approaches. 
Many of you may have noticed that the Crape Myrtles on #1 Tee have been removed. These trees had become too large for the area - creating shade and traffic problems that resulted in poor turf conditions. At the request of the Golf Committee, we removed these trees earlier this month. The stumps were removed last week and new grass will be planted soon.
Ted Crews of Crews Service Company removes stumps from #1 Tee
Bunkers - We are constantly striving to keep our bunkers as consistent as possible. This fall and winter we will be spending more time checking all bunkers for sand depth, redefining edges, and addressing unsightly liner issues.
Crew members Tyler and Drew complete the labor intensive task of  mowing and edging bunker faces. 
Upcoming Work
  • Over-seed practice tees and greens
  • Seeding of tall fescue in roughs
  • Preventative herbicide application to entire course and landscape areas
  • Fall fertilizer applications
  • Sod work on #1 tee, putting green collar, and other areas
  • Irrigation modifications
  • Fall flower change out
  • Tree trimming along entrance road for clearence
Project Update

Tripp Davis discusses bunker design and mowing patterns during a recent site visit to RCC. 
Master Plan - Tripp Davis has visited RCC on multiple occasions over the last month and is nearing completion of the first step in the master planning process - the Course Evaluation. Once completed, this detailed overview of the golf course will will be available to all golfing members for review. Comments, ideas, suggestions, and opinions are highly encouraged and will be used to help develop the Master Plan. All feedback will be compiled by the golf committee and forwarded to Tripp Davis and Associates . Please email your thoughts to any member of the golf committee, myself (tmoore@ridgewoodwaco.com), or James Williams (golfshop@ridgewoodwaco.com). We will send out more information as it comes available. 

Repairs to 15 and 16 - RCC is still working to find the best solution for repairing flood damage on holes 15 and 16. Earlier this month bids were received from several contractors, however overall cost was much higher than anticipated. We are currently working with Walker Partners and Tripp Davis to come up alternative solutions.  

Maintenance Facility - We are steadily moving forward with our maintenance facility renovation plans. RBDR is currently working to complete the "design/build" specs so that bid documents can be prepared. We are optimistic that work may begin late this year. 

Landscape Improvements- The House Committee is currently working to finalize plans that will overhaul the appearance of the main entrance into RCC. If approved, these much needed improvements will likely begin in October..
The main entrance to RCC may be getting a "makeover" later this year.
Lease Expansion- Work continues with the USACE to gain approval for expanding our marina lease. We are working with the Marina Committee to resolve compliance issues and to provide the USACE with all documentation needed in order for the proposal to move forward. . 

Transfer Pump- During periods of low lake levels we must use a floating transfer pump to supply water to our irrigation system. In order to be compliant with USACE pumping policies, RCC had to make changes to our current pump. Our plans were approved earlier this year, and work is almost complete.
This new "boat slip" will house our irrigation transfer pump, and provide compliance with USACE pump policies.